What does this do?

poem.sh lets you create and share beautiful images of your writing

You know all of those code screenshots you see on Twitter? I thought they looked awesome, but I wanted the same thing focused on poems. So I hacked up the source code of Carbon! 🎨

Who uses it?

poem.sh is used by thousands of developers daily me

How do I use it?


There are a few different ways to import code into Carbon:

  • Drop a file into the editor
  • Append a GitHub gist id to the url (example)
  • Paste your code directly


Once you've got all of your code into Carbon, you can customize your image by changing the syntax theme, background color/image, window theme, or padding.

You can even drop an image file onto the editor to set the background to that image. Give it a try!


After you've customized your image you can Tweet a link to the image, or save it directly.

If you use the 'Tweet' button, Carbon will automatically make your image accessible. However, if you want to manually tweet your Carbon image, please check out (how to make your Twitter images accessible).

If you include a Carbon image in a post, the source code will be invisible to assistive technology — it will not be possible to enlarge or copy it, etc. Please, think about adding another element with the source code as text, like (an HTML Details Element) below the image.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Open settings menu⌘ /
Export as PNG⇧ ⌘ E
Reset settings⇧ ⌘ \

I want to make this better.

Contributors welcome!